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VOCS Waste Gas Treatment System

VOCS Waste Gas Treatment System

VOCs waste gas treatment system

VOCS Catalytic Combustion System

The system consists of four(or three)activated carbon adsorption tanks and a catalytic combustion chamber.


The exhaust gas in the production line is collected and sent to the gas collection box, and then the exhaust gas is sent to the filter to filter out the dust in the exhaust gas, thereby preventing the activated carbon micropores from being blocked. The filtered exhaust gas enters the adsorption chamber, and the activated carbon adsorbs the VOCs in the exhaust gas. When the activated carbon adsorber is close to saturation, the saturated activated carbon adsorber is desorbed and desorbed by the hot gas flow, and the organic matter is desorbed from the activated carbon. During the desorption process, the organic waste gas has been concentrated, and the concentration is increased by several tens of times to more than 2000 mg/m3. The concentrated exhaust gas is sent to the catalytic combustion device, and finally decomposed into CO 2 and H 2 O and discharged. After the analytical desorption is completed, the activated carbon adsorber enters the standby state. When the other activated carbon adsorbers are close to saturation, the system automatically switches back, and the saturated activated carbon adsorber is analytically desorbed, so that the cycle works. The finally cleaned clean gas is discharged into the atmosphere by the main exhaust fan.

Composition of whole system

The system can be divided into the following three systems:

a. exhaust gas spray purification treatment system,

b. exhaust system

c. desorption system.

The exhaust gas purification treatment system mainly includes a primary filter and a carbon adsorption bed.

The exhaust system mainly includes an exhaust fan, an air volume control valve and a chimney.


The desorption system comprises a heat exchange device, a catalytic combustion bed, a flame arrester and an exhaust fan.


Processing method: Activated carbon adsorption, catalytic combustion

Handling waste gas: Mixed organic waste gas such as xylene, benzene, alcohol, ketone, aldehyde, ester, phenol, ether, alkane, etc.


Application: Any industry which generate VOCs waste gas in production line